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Voxely Bird-Sim Fugl Soars Into Early Access

September 14, 2017 2:08 PM | Thomas Faust

You there. Take a break. I'm sure you've earned it. Relax. Be a bird. Fly around for a while.

I'm sorry, what? A bird, you say? Indeed. Fugl lets you explore its lovely voxel landscapes as one of our feathered friends.

Placement Promises Minimalist Chess-Based Puzzles

September 13, 2017 12:23 AM | Christian Valentin


Careful placement has always been one of the most aspects of mastering chess, and in the upcoming puzzle game Placement, it's quite literally the core of the game, taking the rules of chess and crafting tight logic-based challenges where placement of your pieces is the key to success.

Bannerman - Brutal Sword Duels To The Sounds Of Soothing Acoustic Guitar

September 12, 2017 6:00 PM | Joel Couture


Bannerman is heartless in its violence, pitting players against clever opponents who will carve them up if they fight carelessly. Blocks, parries, and knowing when to deliver that one precise strike is all that will keep players alive, but even as players struggle to survive in a war-torn world, acoustic guitars and folk instruments will create a soothing, yet poignant soundtrack to back up the gruesome acts players must undertake.

Fist's Elimination Tower Will Have You Winning Cash & Prizes For Solid Platforming

September 11, 2017 6:00 PM | Joel Couture


Well...sometimes. More often than not, the fact that you have to chain together all of your robot -stomping jumps in a single combo, or that you only have about five seconds to do it without getting zapped with electricity or clobbered by a giant fist,
means taunting and a return to the start in platforming game show Fist's Elimination Tower.

Dream No Longer - You Can Date An Ice Cream Cone In Snow Cones Episode 2

September 10, 2017 8:00 PM | Julia Couture


From flirting with the Merchant in Resident Evil 4 to cozying up to refrigerators, varied visual novels have been working to satisfy every craving you might have. Snow Cones Episode 2 is no different, letting you go on a second date with your ice cream crush and enjoy a night on the town.

Gamescom 2017 Roundup, Part Two

September 9, 2017 3:11 PM | Thomas Faust


The best thing I overheard at Gamescom were lots of people telling their friends to visit hall 10.1 - because that's where you go to play those cool indie games. Here are some noteworthy games from the show floor and a few upcoming titles that were shown in the business area.

Dead Horizon - A Quick Game Of Dirty Sharpshooting Justice

September 9, 2017 9:00 AM | Joel Couture


If you have ten minutes and a thirst for frontier justice, grab your mouse and hop into the shoes of Bonnie Starr, farmgirl turned gunslinging vigilante in Dead Horizon a (sort of) adventure game where a fast click is all that'll keep you breathing.

Rise Of The Nindies? Developers On Porting Indie Games To The Nintendo Switch

September 7, 2017 2:00 PM | Thomas Faust


Judging from the Switch's sales numbers, its critical reception, and its product shortage in some countries, it's fair to say that Nintendo's latest console is doing very well so far. The still relatively manageable number of games in the eShop make it a tempting system for developers big and small.

However, porting your game to a new system isn't always easy and often requires a sizeable time investment. Considering that Nintendo's previous home console, the Wii U, had the reputation of being somewhat difficult to port for, a certain hesitation is understandable. With that in mind, I reached out to a couple of indie developers who have recently released a game or who are close to wrapping up development for the hot new console in town.

Battle Underwater Beasts With The ZX Spectrum-Inspired Deep Ones

September 6, 2017 6:00 PM | Joel Couture


Deep Ones offers no friendly crustaceans under the sea, pitting a lone submarine pilot against strange underwater foes, having them shoot or slash hostile pufferfish, seahorse-riding pirates, and the colossal red octopus that destroyed their sub. Showing shades of horror, yet also a colorful beauty that comes with the Spectrum's visual style, it looks to offer arcade play in a striking, oppressive environment.

This Strange Realm Of Mine Is A Feelgood Psychological Horror Game

September 5, 2017 6:00 PM | Joel Couture


The afterlife is an ever-changing, surreal place in This Strange Realm of Mine. One minute, you're shooting monsters creeping up on you in dungeon caverns. The next, you're in brilliant fields of shimmering white snow, contemplating your memories. Touted as a feelgood horror experience, it looks to offer a different kind of fear.

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