pax prime pax 10.jpgPax Prime 2012, the sold-out Seattle, WA game conference, has announced the indie developers they will feature in PAX 10. Fifty industry experts have chosen these ten games for the show as the best of all submissions "in regard to gameplay and overall fun-factor."

The ten games include four unreleased titles, five published titles, and one title that requires too many friends that own a Move motion controller. Here are your indies:

Play Now:
Containment: The Zombie Puzzler, Bootsnake Games (puzzle for iPad and PC)
Deity, DigiPen (freeware stealth action for PC)
Offspring Fling!, Kyle Pulver (Windows and Mac puzzle platformer out now)
Puzzlejuice, Asher Vollmer (iOS puzzler out now)
Splice, Cipher Prime (puzzle for Mac and Windows out now)

Play only at PAX Prime:
Johann Sebastian Joust, Die Gute Fabrik (PS Move disturb 'em up)
The Bridge, Ty Taylor and Mario Castaneda (puzzle platformer for PC)
The Swapper, Facepalm Games (puzzle platformer for PC)
Cannon Brawl, Turtle Sandbox (2D artillery game mixed with RTS for PC and Xbox 360)
Catch-22, Mango Down! (one-button game for Facebook and iOS)