There is no better way to unwind from a hard day at the office than by turning on the ol' PC and booting up Payroll so you can pretend to be putting in a hard day at another office. Developer Astrojone has made this office building much more interesting than your usual clutch of cubicles, though, using cutting-edge Windows 95 era visuals. Picture B.J. Blazkowicz dropping off your mail, and you get the idea. Your job is delivering mail, dropping off diskettes, getting food, and all of the other white-knuckle experiences you undergo during a regular day at work! ARE YOU DILIGENT ENOUGH TO SURVIVE THE HARSH REALITIES OF OFFICE LIFE?

Adding in some soothing midi music to keep you productive, riveting beepy dialogue from your colleagues, and a mysterious, hidden goal, Payroll is far, far more interesting than your day job. It just pays less.

Payroll is available for $1 on For more information on the game and Astrojone, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.